Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru 06

inuyasha cosplay - sesshoumaru 6 by stein / banazureWhen Kohaku and Rin were taken to the underworld by a hellhound, Sesshomaru pursued them but Rin unfortunately stopped breathing during her captivity. Furious, Sesshomaru killed the Underworld Master in an attempt to save her, but was still unable to revive her. Realizing the pain of losing someone important, Tenseiga reacted to his compassion and purified the underworld, bringing them back to the world of the living.

This is Stein, a male cosplayer from the Philippines who makes a wonderful Sesshoumaru. I’m actually glad a guy cosplayed him this time, because he is also one of my most favorite characters. The photo was taken by ~eLLeDejaVu during the 888 Chinatown Square's “Pearl of the Orient” Convention in Bacolod City, Philippines. Thanks again for allowing me to feature this, Stein! We’re looking forward to more cosplays from you!