Kannazuki no Miko: Kurusugawa Himeko and Himemiya Chikane

kannazuki no miko cosplay - kurusugawa himeko and himemiya chikaneThe reincarnations of the Solar and Luna Miko respectively, Kurusugawa Himeko and Himemiya Chikane were two, normal high school girls of Mahoroba’s prestigious Ototachibana Academy until an ancient evil, the eight Orochi, arose once more. It was on the first day of October, which was also both Himeko’s and Chikane’s birthday, when the Orochi had awaken. That day is also known as the Kannazuki, literally “the goddess month”, in the traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar.

This is pretty spectacular! Both girls look the part, and the photo has a dreamy effect to it! Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!