Kuroshitsuji: Ciel Phantomhive 12

kuroshitsuji cosplay - ciel phantomhive 12出会いに色はなくて モノクロ 吹き抜ける
There’s no color in our encounter; the monochromy blew through it
痛みごと 君 委ねましょう
I shall entrust every pain of mine to you

傷跡 強くなぞる 容赦ない秋がきて
The unforgiving autumn, which forcefully traces my scars, comes
涼しい指 手招くままに
While your cool fingers still beckon me

“Monochrome no Kiss” Lyrics and Translation by
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I kinda like the strange setting for this cosplay. I mean really, Ciel in the bathtub? Thanks to Anna for sending this in!