Gyakuten Saiban 4: Namina Minami

gykauten saiban 4 cosplay - namina minami / apollo justice: ace attorney cosplay - alita tialaOnce a nurse under Ukari Teruo (Dr. Pal Meraktis), Namina Minami (Alita Tiala) was Ukari’s assistant during  Kitaki Takita’s (Wocky Kitaki’s) critical operation. Ukari failed to extract the bullet in Takita’s heart, but the doctor did not dare to admit this as Takita was the heir of a family of feared gangsters. Minami agreed to keep this failure a secret and proposed marriage to Tiaki in order to gain all of his inheritance the moment he dies from his injuries.

Such an innocent-looking girl, you wouldn’t think she’d be capable of something so devious. Thanks to Clara for sending this in!