K-On!: Akiyama Mio 03

k-on! cosplay - akiyama mio 3 by arisa mizuhara

Akiyama Mio has excellent grades in school and is mature and strict especially towards her childhood friend, Tainaka Ritsu. However, Mio has a weakness against the macabre and horrific, and she is often incapacitated with fear when stories involving ghosts, blood, injuries, haunted houses, barnacles, or any other disturbing topics that come up. She also has a fear of being in the spotlight and gets embarrassed easily, and is the recurrent subject to teasing from Ritsu as well as their their club adviser, Yamanaka Sawako.

This cosplayer looks familiar, but I’m not certain who she is. I’m guessing she’s Kipi, but with her face partially covered by her hand, I can’t be sure. Thanks to Francesca for sending this in!

EDIT: My bad, the cosplayer is actually Arisa Mizuhara!