D. Gray-man: Allen Walker 06

d. gray-man cosplay - allen walker 6Allen Walker is a rare, Parasite-type Exorcists, who controls the Innocence within his left arm. His arm went through three stages before it was able to reach its true form. Originally, it appeared as a giant claw with massive strength an speed. It later evolved into a canon-like structure capable of shooting rod-shaped objects, as well as emitting a beam-like blade from the end. The final form, known as the Crown Clown, gave Allen a fur-collared cloak and a claw-like hand.

The cosplayer only has a normal arm here, but I thought writing about the forms of his Innocence would be appropriate since the first thing I noticed about this photo was the bloody hand. It’s making me flinch a little actually. Thanks again to Michelle for sending this in!