A Snippet of Japan ( K-On, Cosplay Roms & Butler Cafe)

When I was in in Japan for the Animax Musix Concert 2011 last November, I visited a couple of Anime Paradise and picked up quite a bit of Brochures. It’s not much but storing pictures of them privately in my HDD seemed pointless so I decided to share the random Anime stuffs I saw in Japan. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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nov11_Japan 044nov11_Japan 046
K-on plushies in a UFO catcher at Ikebukuro.

nov11_Japan 037nov11_Japan 010


When I went over in November, K-On was everywhere! From big pillar Posters to collaborating with the Konbini (Convenience Shop) Franchise , Lawson. This was all to promote the launch of the Movie which opened in theatres 3rd Dec 2011.


The promotional brochure and stamp booklet I got at A-Cos, Ikebukuro.


The Stamp Booklet is a really cute activity for fans to play with. Basically you go to the selected place, pick up a copy of the booklet and venture to other participating outlets with a stamp machine for you to stamp on.

nov11_Japan 055

This picture is taken in a Lawson in Ikebukuro. Notice the Stamp device on the top right hand corner? Yea, you place your booklet (or should I call it a card ?) and stamp into one of the allocated circle/space.

Some of the Cosplay/ Butler brochures I picked up at A-Cos.


Yukio from Ao no Exorcist!


Royal Servant, a Cosplay Butler Cafe in Ikebukuro area (I think). And yes, Kaname works there too.


nov11_Japan 047nov11_Japan 048

A random arcade/ UFO Catcher shop in Ikebukuro

nov11_Japan 011nov11_Japan 038

nov11_Japan 051Idol M@ster’s really big over in Japan too. They even paired up with Toyota to promote the launch of it’s new game. Doesn’t being an Animanga fan seems like so much fun for in Japan >w<?


Brochures from the Evangelion shop. I think it’s about the launch of a Evangelion Karaoke room. Anyone care to translate >w<? I talked more about the Evangelion Flagship store over at miccostumes . Pop over to see more photos of the merchandise!


Evangelion merchandise I got! Will be giving the file away soon so look out for it ^_^



Namecards I got from the Puella magi Madoka Magica Cafe ( Goodsmile Cafe). Pop over to this entry to see more of the Goodsmile cafe.

With this I end my very random ‘Snippets of Japan’ entry. Hope you guys had as much fun looking at these little snippets of Japan as I had taking photos of them! Leave me a comment to tell me to stop these entries if you don’t like it =(!